This blog is a collection of

P R O S E P O E T R Y,
Q u o t e s

All pointing in a single direction. Upwards.
For the reader, I suppose it's a virtual dreamland
(if used correctly).
For the author, it's who I fundamentally am.
If there is anything that comes close to reflecting my
true Self, the one beyond time and space, it's this blog.
Tread lightly.

˖ ˖ ˖ Androdaemon ˖ ˖ ˖

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Advice for a friend

Q:  How can one know that one is evolving, in any sphere - spirituality, mysticism, being a nice person, achieving something etc. ?

A: You're always evolving. The matter comes down to how you interpret the processes of your evolution. What I mean by that is, everything in your life is an evolution, because life itself is a becoming, and each moment is a "becoming", where the only important factor is YOUR free will, how you choose to perceive that moment, regardless of the positive or negative appearance of the moment. "The problem is not the problem, the problem is how you choose to react to the problem."
So you can track your evolution by seeing if you react wisely to each situation presented to you on a day-to-day basis. Always remember that each moment is a lesson, a "test" if you will. And if you pass the test, you evolve, if you don't, the test is rescheduled and you're given more preparation time.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where Dreams Grow

Warm tears to water the soil under my eyelids… where dreams grow…
The only thing standing between us is the rainbow built by the sun’s rays. A bridge between our souls, a playground for us to slide on… mixing colours together to leave behind a more diverse universe… Each smile is a half-moon and decades fly past us in seconds… It’s actually us flying past them…
Faster, away from time and space, we fly.
Matter is nothing but a cluster of complex layers of shadows – a cloth blurring our sight… A cloth that clings like ivy and wraps itself tight over our eyes like skin…
But once we shed it by shedding our light on it, we discover ourselves to be the only reality there ever was.
Always us…
Once the tidal waves fill the symbols on the shore with water, bleeding their brilliance over the moon’s reflection, spilling the world’s secrets to its guardian angel, we will conquer our mind’s confusion and find comfort in each other’s eyes alone…
Need will be erased from our vocabulary and all pain will become bliss in our Heart.
I found you, as simple as that.
Forever, I found you.
Each time, over and over.
No decay, just becoming.
Rebirth until death extinguishes itself.
Tonight, I cried with the moon’s reflection in my eyes… And the moon cried back and bled its silence to mourn my death’s death.
And the world was transfigured before my eyes. I saw what the oceans were hiding and cried another ocean… The universe has its ways of concealing its inmost built-in secrets.
All songs end in silence… The most beautiful silence. The same silence that has our gazes entangled.
Where will I find you after the Flood?
I wish I could keep these tears embedded with your reflection forever…
I’ve waited all my life at the gates of Mystery alone…
Now, I finally have someone to wait with…
Their opening is certain… It is the symbol of certainty itself. But it is up to us not to enter alone.
Will you hold my hand when our gaze slips within itself?
Will you meet me when we take our first breath into eternity?
This story has no ending. It doesn’t matter if I keep writing or not, it will write and fulfill itself…

Life has no conclusion to offer us, but our hearts do.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I swing my heap of gold.
Into unknown territory.
It was eating me alive.
But I conquered it.
It was as if a cobra was dancing on my belly while I was chained to the ground.
Funnily enough, I got rid of that feeling simply by closing my eyes.
Not by imagining I’m in some other place.
Just by closing my eyes and doing nothing.
Accepting the impending death. Come on, get on with it.
But then I opened them. And what I saw was definitely not what I expected.
I didn’t expect anything actually. I have no idea what happened. To this day.
But it happened.
And so, I must say. I am grateful for it.
For almost getting killed.
Maybe I did get killed and now I’m in a higher state of consciousness, but apparently in the same body. I don’t know.
But what I saw was that I had no heap of gold to begin with. It was all a shiny illusion.
And it was so easy to let go of it.
It was required of me to do so. Otherwise, maybe I would’ve actually gotten killed.
It was a test to see if I’m true to myself.
Well. Now I’m just sitting lazily and enjoying the snake’s dance, wondering what happens next.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Always Somewhere... Somewhere, Always

Colouring each breath, slipping on sighs, the world is a big fountain and we flow on it.
Where are you when I close my eyes? In my dreams? Physical?
I find you somewhere else each time.
Your beauty is not out there.
It’s inside.
I found it in me.
I wiped a tear on your hair and made it glow. Now my vision is blurred but I can still see the shape of eternity because it has no outlines.
Reality has no rules, love… you’re a spoon, I’m a cup and I’m filled with my love for you, and you stir it slowly, massaging all of my deepest fears to ecstasy. Finding you was the worst nightmare for my ego. It dies painful deaths each moment it’s lit by the sparks in your eyes as my soul falls down their abyss. Your rabbit hole is my favourite roller coaster. Up, down, left, right, center, the plot is like the flight of a bird with a missing wing. What a monstrosity we committed by flying. We’re not meant to fly, said the voice in the shadow. But when I turned on the light, I saw a mirror… but I could not see myself in it, because it could not contain me anymore. The mirror didn’t realise I turned on the light. But you did. And your eyes are the only place I can see my Self. When you close your eyes, I disappear. So stay awake! Don’t worry, this is a dream, and we’re both in it. And we’re leaving together.
Will you hold my hand when our breaths’ colours start fading away? Will you slide with me on a last sigh and fall with me when we get to the cascade?
I find you somewhere else each time.
I find you somewhere else each time.

I find Time somewhere else with you.

Monday, October 27, 2014


We are unaware of the connections we have with other people. When we meet certain people, we recognize them instantly on an unconscious level. Our souls know each other, it's just a matter of remembering who we truly are.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Dreamer

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
- Oscar Wilde

Saturday, October 4, 2014

blanked thoughts

"More and more I found myself at a loss for words and didn’t want to hear other people talking either. Their conversations seemed false and empty. I preferred to look at the sea, which said nothing and never made you feel alone."
—Paula McLain

Thursday, October 2, 2014


"The deepest things in life come not singly but in paradoxical pairs, where the light and the dark intermingle."
~Parker J. Palmer

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One Foot in the Rabbit Hole

"Mmm... Don't fall for me!"

But it was already Fall.
I was counting the leaves to check the time.
It was half past Eternity.
And we were in the Garden of Eden.
God forgot to kick us out.
We just hid in a bush.
Lucky for us He likes surprises...
I catch a shimmer in your eye and put it in my pocket. I heard it's good luck, plus it keeps me warm when you're not around.
"We're nuts, aren't we?"
Your eyes look careful, but behind them lies not a care in the world.
"Well yeah... I mean, we're not exactly supposed to be here."
A soft breeze finds its way onto our cheeks while we kiss, in an attempt to paint our souls to immortalise the moment.
Wind is Time's paintbrush, and we're its canvas.
The dance of the paintbrush tickles us both into an almost torturous laugh.
All it's doing is adding layers of colour to our souls, gently smoothing out the rough edges from some long forgotten past.
"You cold?"
I take out a few more shimmers from your eyes and sprinkle them around us. They just lay there, floating around our bodies, warming us up.
Slowly lifting us...
To a new sky.